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Why Draft?

The intent of the draft is to provide a method for establishing teams through equitable selection process by coaches with oversight by FYF Board Members.


What does this mean?

Players will be required to attend an evaluation session. Evaluation sessions are designed to allow players to demonstrate their skills on the field.


Players will be evaluated by coaches and the FYF/WP Board of Directors prior to the Draft Selection BY COACHES.


Evaluation dates/Location:  

Saturday, June 24th, 12:30pm at Liberty High School

Sunday, July 23rd - 9am at Fauquier High School


Evaluation Day:

You are only required to attend one of the dates.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to check in

Shorts and cleats (or tennis shoes) only (no equipment). 

Each player will run through 4 drills (Catch, Throw, Sprint and Impact)

Coaches for each age group will be monitoring the process for their draft selection. 

Expected time for full process should be no more than two hours.


Players unable to attend either evaluation dates will be randomly placed on a team after all evaluated players have been drafted based on the process defined below. 


If there is more than one player that needs to be randomly placed, the process will continue until all coaches have received an additional random player. This process will be repeated until all players that missed the evaluation sessions have been placed on a team.


How does this help our players?

  • Better distribution of the number of players, size and experience of players across the league evenly and fairly.

  • More competitiveness due to the balancing of players.

  • Opportunity of meeting new people and making new friends.


General Guidelines: 



Siblings will be placed in the same team/area based on the oldest sibling being drafted first.  Example. if your oldest child is drafted to the colts then the younger siblings will also go to the Colts in their age group.


Practice Locations:

At this time we are working to centralize all practice locations in the county to limit the chances of having to go far from your school zone.  More information will be posted and announced once locations have been confirmed.


Special requests:

There is a field on your registration form to note any special requests that will be noted on your players evaluation form.  Example, "cannot go to xx location due to schedule", or "player rides with xx for practice".  There will be no guarantees the request will be granted however coaches will be encouraged to consider the request prior to draft selection.